Cloud based accounting software at the right price from Intacct -

Many companies today are evaluating cloud based accounting solutions such as Intacct as they look to save money by migrating software services away from traditional IT environments.  Moving to Intacct cloud based accounting can help, but you need to calculate the true cost to your organization.  There are many variables in calculating the difference between Intacct pricing and comparable traditional software packages like Microsoft Dynamics GP. Intacct is on a named user basis, whereas Dynamics GP is concurrent user. There also can be significant differences in what functionality is included in the base price of the software. With Intacct, there are significant savings in implementation, and no server costs. On the other hand, Intacct is subscription based, meaning you will be paying for as long as you use the software, whereas with Dynamics GP you own the licenses and pay a maintenance fee. Make sure you do a full Total Cost of ownership analysis before making a decision.
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