SourceLine Names AbleBridge to List of Top CRM Consultants

AbleBridge was just named to a list of top CRM consultants by SourceLine, a Washington DC-based IT research firm.

SourceLine’s goal was to put together a list of firms that prospective buyers could be confident would deliver a CRM implementation customized to their particular needs. From the hundreds of firms offering CRM, SourceLine narrowed their list, or Leaders Matrix, to 10 Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants and 5 SugarCRM consultants by focusing on firms with a solid track record of improving sales and marketing ROI for their clients and building out custom implementations for enterprise customers. Rankings also took into account feedback from clients and vendors as well as firm reputation, previous awards and certifications won and length of experience.

Speaking about importance of a firm to deliver a customized platform for their CRM clients, Sam Pettee, Research Manager at SourcingLine, said, “for an enterprise to realize all the benefits of any CRM system, effective integration with existing sales and marketing processes is critical.”

Massachusetts-based AbleBridge was honored to be included in the list. Though AbleBridge has the been awarded Microsoft Gold Certification and inclusion in the President’s Club, Ryan Plourde, AbleBridge founder and CEO sees their place in the Leaders Matrix as a special distinction, saying “I believe ratings based on feedback from customers, peers, and vendor organizations are more meaningful to a customer.”

Shorten Sales Cycles with Mobile CRM

Depending on your business, a sales cycle can be quite long when the sales people have to contact the potential buyers several times in order to close the sale. Ideally, businesses want sales people to close sales faster, bring in more revenue, and earn more commissions. For that to happen, they need better information about their inventory and availability and more relevant information about their customers. When the sales people understand and can react to customers' buying processes, they can close sales faster.

An example of an accelerated sales cycle is a company that manufactures sensors for lighting, security, and HVAC. Its customers are primarily hotels, residential housing, and universities.

The company's sales people visit customers and demonstrate their products, and they are armed with mobile devices that receive real-time updates on sales visits from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They are fully aware of their customer's needs before they arrive and can better serve them when they interact with them. They are able to answer questions about inventory, delivery, and payment more effectively when they have that knowledge in the palms of their hands. As a result, many customers are often ready to close a sale on the first call.

The above example is only one of many ways that integrating CRM into mobile technology can give businesses the edge they need to be more productive and more profitable. For more examples like this and a comprehensive look into mobile CRM, you can download the white paper "Why Go Mobile? Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer with Mobile CRM" at

By Anya Ciecierski, CRM Software Blog Editor,

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Can Help Boost Your Sales

Nothing is more crucial to sales than customer relations. Without good customer relationships and service, businesses often flounder and fail. However, maintaining those relationships can be difficult. Enter Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relations Management (CRM), a software solution that can boost sales by giving your business the tools to exceed at customer relations. Here's what Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do for you:

1. Keep better track of your customers. Know who your customers are, what they're buying and what they want from your business. You may just discover a new target market or product idea.

2. Improve marketing techniques. Did your direct sales letter net any new business this year? Did your new door-to-door campaign motivate your customer base? Find out as the software tracks the outcome of your marketing strategies. Use the data to keep the techniques that worked or improve them.

3. Manage your accounts more efficiently. Clearly see your business' income and outflow and develop strategies to increase income. Learn which departments in your company are most productive and which ones need improvement. Know exactly how much that new advertising campaign will cost and how it will translate into sales.

4. Improve customer service. Nothing is more important to your customers than the quality of the service they receive from your business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to log customer inquiries accurately and to respond to them in a timely manner.

5. Streamline your advertising. Get your ad campaign from concept to production in less time at lower cost. Know where your ads will succeed before placing them. Be able to articulate to your design team who the target audience is and how to get their attention. These are just a few things Microsoft Dynamics CRM can do for your business. The software also allows you to create custom applications for whatever your business needs to increase sales. Whether your business is in retail, manufacturing, healthcare or professional services, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a solution for you.

 If you'd like to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help your business visit

Cloud based accounting software at the right price from Intacct -

Many companies today are evaluating cloud based accounting solutions such as Intacct as they look to save money by migrating software services away from traditional IT environments.  Moving to Intacct cloud based accounting can help, but you need to calculate the true cost to your organization.  There are many variables in calculating the difference between Intacct pricing and comparable traditional software packages like Microsoft Dynamics GP. Intacct is on a named user basis, whereas Dynamics GP is concurrent user. There also can be significant differences in what functionality is included in the base price of the software. With Intacct, there are significant savings in implementation, and no server costs. On the other hand, Intacct is subscription based, meaning you will be paying for as long as you use the software, whereas with Dynamics GP you own the licenses and pay a maintenance fee. Make sure you do a full Total Cost of ownership analysis before making a decision.
For more information and to compare Intacct and Dynamics GP, please contact Intellitec Solutions at, or 866-504-4357